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Hey GameCity! SCM20 I don't know if you care.

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What guns w/ attachments and perks do you use this is including grenades? Also what button layout do you use?

Here are my classes.

USP .45
Grenade Launcher (So I can blow S*** up)
Stopping Power (Not a good fire rate)
Deep Impact (Not a good fire rate)
Frag/Stun x1

USP .45
RPG-7 x2 (I am that Arabian.)
UAV Jammer(So I can keep a low profile)
Deep Impact (So I have a little more power)
Frag/Stun x1

Run 'n Gun
USP .45
Bomb Squad (So I can blow them up)
Slight of Hand (So I don't have to wait forever)
Extreme Conditioning (So I can move fast with it)
Frag/Stun x1

USP .45
C4 x2 (So I can surprise)
Juggernaut (It's a Shotgun need I say more)
Last Stand (So I can annoy)
Frag/Smoke x1

The Dragon
USP .45
Claymores x2 (For protection)
UAV Jammer (So I can be hidden)
Iron Lungs (So I can always hit my target)
Frag/Flash x1

I use Echo with all default controls.

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What game is this for?

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SuperCamMan20 wrote:What game is this for?

Modern warefare reflex

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well, i was gunna put down some of classes, but i f***in change them EVERY day. thoug, every one of my classes starts with a sniper rifle, tats the only consistency.

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