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1 FANTASTIC NETWORK! on 12/21/2009, 7:15 pm

(supercamman20 can leave the page now)

This is a netwrok, basically dedicated to HVS. They have 3 websites. 1 to talk about the conduit, 1 to talk about gladiaitor ad, and 1 to talk about the grinder (my personal favourite). It has tons of exclusive content, interviews, photos, videos, blogs and more! And the best part is, you only have to make 1 account, and you can sign in to them all!

The link to the network homepage: http://www.hvs-network.webs.com/

And to the grinder specific one: http://the-grinder.webs.com/
(ChrisCraig3, you'll LOVE it! Wink

oh, and if you join, my username is "HighVoltageFanboy" suits me, eh?

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