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Top 5 characters they screwed up and made better in brawl

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ok, which top 5 characters did they screw-up in brawl, and which did they make better.

1.Fox (was just brken in melee)
2.Ganondorf (he's finally unique and powerful at the same time)
3.Ness (now's hes not so bad to use)
4. Kirby (better moves and powerfulness)
5. Matrth (couldn't stand him in melee, now he's ok)

1. Cpt. Falcon (trust me, he's still awesome, just not GOD as he was in melee)
2. Falco (i guess, they took away a lot of his speed though)
3. Luigi (he's just not fun)
4. Peach (spamming, bitch)
5. i can't really think of a fifth one, sorry

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I honestly can't think of a character they made "better" in Brawl.
1: Mario (He just isn't fun in Brawl)
2: Ice Climber (In Melee it fout like you controled one of them and other would follow but in Brawl they put so close together it felt like you controling both the same time which defeats the hole point)
3: Luigi (On the N64 he was a power house but he sucks in Melee & Brawl.
4: Ike (He's like Marth just with less moves)
5: Young Like (Toon Link is a pretty cool idea for a character but he's way to simalair to Link where as Young Link had diferent moves alot stronger)

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