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Top 5 Best & Worst Super Smash Bros Characters

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1: Sonic (Speed pwns all)
2: Mario (NOT the Brawl version)
3: Roy (Nuff said)
4: Mr. Game & Watch (2D = WIN!!!)
5: Luigi (Only on the N64 version)

1: Snake (Why the F*** was he even in the game?)
2: Jigguly Puff (Other then the super glitch in Brawl she's useless)
3: Ike (Roy is 30 times cooler)
4: Falco (He's so F***ing cheap)
5: Pichu (???)

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1. Luigi (Crack circle)
2. Toon Link (Coolest character)
3. Mario (Fire storm)
5. Zelda (Switchy Switchy)

1. Sonic (To fast to beat and he runs off screen)
2. Fox McCloud (Stupid finisher)
3. Falco (Whats the difference between him and fox?)
4. Ganon (Looks cool but not necessary)
5. Ike (Only has one good move)

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1. Link (solid moves and epic finisher)
2. Cpt. flacon (FALCON, PUNCH!!)
3. Fox (speed, agiltiy, and landmaster beats all)
4. Sonic (YOUR TOO SLOW!!!!!!)
5. Ness/Lucas (can't really decide. both awesome)

1. Dr.Mario (LAME!!!)
2. King dedede (why is he even there?)
3. Olimar (USELESS!)
4. Mr.Game and watch (useless as hell and annoying to fight)
5. Pichu (it hurts itself when it attacks.......nuff said)

(in no particular order)

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