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the word "noob"

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1the word "noob" Empty the word "noob" on 10/18/2009, 8:50 pm

i hate when poeple just through aroung this word like its a piece of paper. just because you don't have a certain console or game, doesn't mean you're a noob! just because you get something, DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE A NOOB! the word "noob" used to be something that you use rarely, and at the most effictive places, but now that games like halo and WoW have come out, people have been using it like CRAZY! but i know, in some cases the word is used apporpriatly and of actual sense, but i've heard too many times "if you don't ______ you're a noob"

noob is not something that people should just throw around. if it's just a joke, it's okay. just so light humor. but if you actually mean it then.....


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2the word "noob" Empty Re: the word "noob" on 10/18/2009, 9:14 pm

WOW! I just noticed how much I say n00b. Don't worry GameCity I'll stop.

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3the word "noob" Empty Re: the word "noob" on 10/19/2009, 3:17 pm

SuperCamMan20 wrote:WOW! I just noticed how much I say n00b. Don't worry GameCity I'll stop.

don't worry, like i said, it's ok if it's just a joke.

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4the word "noob" Empty Re: the word "noob" on 10/19/2009, 4:23 pm

I agree that it is to be used rarely. Also I agree with the Halo and WoW but another game that uses the word "noob" to much is RuneScape and I won't lie I have said it a few 100 times. Also in the official dictionary of the game "noob" was an official word.

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